Have you been at your favorite restaurant while delivery order, after delivery order leaves the restaurant before you get your food?

With the rise in popularity of apps like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash getting the food you want at home has never been easier. These industry disruptors have caused a paradigm shift in how customers are treated. The strict guidelines placed upon restaurants and delivery drivers by delivery apps have forced restaurant proprietors to prioritize delivery orders over customers that are in their establishment.

From impatient drivers taking up valuable in restaurant real estate, consumers easily requesting a refund and leaving a negative rating if they’re not happy via a delivery app, and in restaurant service times skyrocketing during busy delivery app times the customer experience is suffering. These guidelines put immense pressure on your favorite restaurant to put their in house customers on the back burner, or risk losing their delivery app marketability.

How can you improve the customer experience? Give them something to remember, quickly!

Beverages on tap are one of the quickest things a restaurant can offer, and can be some of the most creative items on the menu. The days of beer being the only draft beverage are long gone. Experimentation with carbonation and nitrogenation allows the restaurant to offer unique drinks not often found. Restaurants like The Ricebox located in Houston, TX are offering drinks like their nitrogenated Thai Tea. This is a non-alcoholic selection that is even delicious for children!

Save the customer experience, draft beverages have no limits. Beer, cocktails, wine, soda, tea, coffee, juice, and kombucha anything can be put on tap!

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